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1:1 Chromebook Program
Student Centered, Future Focused

Dewey Public Schools will be initiating a 1:1 Technology Program starting in the Fall of 2018. Every student in grades 5-12 will have access to a Chromebook to use for school. In 5th grade, classroom sets will give each student access to a Chromebook in every class. Starting in 6th grade, students will be individually issued a Chromebook at the beginning of the school year and will utilize that device thoughout the year.  A chromebook is a portable personal computer that connects to the internet and runs on Google's web-based Chrome Operating System. Most  documents created on Chromebooks exist "in the cloud" allowing access to them from any internet connected device.

From the very early stages of planning, specific reasons were outlined describing why daily access to technology devices was important.  These reasons combined to form our statement of purpose:

Dewey Public Schools believes technology is an essential element in developing a student-centered learning environment. We believe that the intentional integration of technology into the learning environment provides the best opportunity to increase student engagement, maximize opportunities for student collaboration through project based learning, expand the resources available to our students, extend the capacity to meet students’ individual needs, and prepare students to succeed in a technologically advanced world.

The completion of the forms below will be required and signed by a parent or guardian before a Chromebook will be issued to students in grades 6th-12th. A parent must also be present at the time the Chromebook is issued. Protection plans will be offered and are outlined the Dewey Chromebook Guidelines document.






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