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District eMail Changes

eMail Changes

We have made some changes to our email program.  The process is complete and, with some very limited exceptions, successful.  Read further for answers to common questions about the change.  Hopefully this will answer some of the more common questions.

Why did we make this change?

Believe me, we didn't do it for fun because it wasn't.  It was a lot of work, but it is worth it.  In this case, we changed because aligning our domains with Google Apps For Education gives us a better product, it is easier to manage, and it provides a host of additional resources we will begin to use over the coming months. 

What does this change mean?

The most obvious change will be that you got a new email address.  Your new email address is an "@deweyk12.org" address and is already active.  The first part of your email address probably stayed the same.  The email from your old acount should appear in the new one, and we have taken steps so that email sent to your old address arrives in the new one.

There are a few users that also got changes to the first part of their email address.  ALL EMAIL ADDRESSES WILL NOW INCLUDE FULL LAST NAMES.  This only affects people with longer last names (six characters or more) and even then, only people who have been with the district for several years.

Where will I go to get my eMail?

There are several options but one of the easiest is to just open a browser and type in www.gmail.com.  In general any browser will do.  We will also put links on the school website.  Some who created desktop links, shortcuts, may even find that they work as well.

When and how will I get my new password?

I am working with Mrs. Hogue to get the email id's and passwords inlcuded with paychecks / paystubs, so you should have them next week.

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