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Dewey Public Schools A-F Report Card Information

The Oklahoma State Board of Education approved and released the A-F report cards for all Oklahoma schools this week.  The scores for each DPS school site is as follows: 

Elementary: 81 B-
Middle School: 84 B
High School: 87 B+

I am very proud of our teacher and students for the very hard work they put in each day.  It is difficult to encapsulate the amount of work that goes into a school into a single letter grade.  These scores are very respectable and something to be proud of.  However, our staff, faculty, and school board also recognize a constant need for improvement and will work through the data behind these scores to identify areas in which can improve.

Our elementary score is up 1 point from last year.  Middle School score is up 1 point from last year.  High School is down 3 points from last year.

The detail of all Oklahoma A-F report cards can be found at the following website:  http://afreportcards.ok.gov/

If you have any questions, feel free to contact the school.

Dr. David Wilkins

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