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DPS Infomation Regarding Plans for a Possible Work Stoppage

Dewey Public Schools Parents and Community,

March 16, 2018, the Dewey Public Schools' Board of Education met at a special meeting and voted unanimously in favor of the following two action items:

1. Authorize the Superintendent to close Dewey Public Schools for up to 5 days provided that such days must be made up if required by law, with such closure to occur only if a teacher “walkout” is scheduled by teacher groups or organizations and if the superintendent determines that such school closures are necessary for the safety of students and for the fiscal integrity of the District

2. Authorize the Superintendent to determine which Dewey Public Schools extracurricular activities can and will occur during any school closure due to a teacher "walkout".

DPS teachers have indicated that they are willing to participate in a work stoppage April 2nd if there is not a meaningful legislative resolution for increased educational funding that includes, but is not necessarily limited to, a teacher pay raise. At this time, the District's plan for making-up 5 missed days of instruction includes utilizing the remaining unused snow days and extending the last day of the school year from May 17th to May 18th. Under this plan, if up to 5 days are missed during April 2-6, Dewey Schools will be in session on April 20, 27 and May 4, 11, and 18. It is possible that teachers may select to extend their work stoppage beyond 5 days. If so, a District plan will be developed and communicated as those intentions are known.

Now in regards to extracurricular activities and organizational trips, the District will utilize the following plan. In most instances with very few exceptions, Elementary and Middle School activities will be suspended during any closure of school due to a teacher work stoppage. Complexities and hardships due to transportation to and from school for the age level of those students and their families makes this necessary. Activities for High School students will NOT be suspended during any school closure days due to a teacher work stoppage. Students at this level stand to lose activities and experiences that they'll likely never get back, especially those who will be graduating this Spring. Additionally, some of these students have qualified for state level competition and/or have already paid for activities for which there is no refunding of money. Without knowing how long a possible work stoppage may continue, some exceptions for our Elementary and Middle School activities may be made. These decisions will be made to keep from affecting students who have earned participation rights at state level activities and/or have paid for participation in certain activities. Directors and Coaches will communicate as needed to inform their members of these exceptions.

We all hope for a meaningful legislative resolution to the educational funding challenges faced by our state by April 1st. Please continue to contact your local representatives and DPS will continue to communicate with our families and community as a possible teacher work stoppage unfolds.


Vince Vincent




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